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Milling Machines


Logan Machine's milling department is fully equipped with everything from small Bridgeport mills to 60-foot-long floor mills, giving us the flexibility to meet any and all of our customers' individual application requirements. A climate-controlled environment and regularly scheduled machine calibration ensure the accuracy of our mills. Even our largest machines run within 0.005" over 60 feet of horizontal travel, an unmatched level of precision. Logan's milling department also features computerized scheduling, which enables us to maintain an outstanding reputation for on-time delivery. In order to give our customers the best products possible, Logan Machine has made a substantial investment in state-of-the-art technology and equipment in all areas of our business, including the milling department. All Logan mills have digital readouts, and all horizontal and floor models utilize built-in rotary tables for accuracy and consistency. By running a multi-shift operation, Logan Machine provides efficiency that shortens lead times. But quality is always our first priority, so we maintain an in-house, fully equipped inspection department to guarantee that Logan quality is built into every part before it is shipped to our customers.



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